About me


My name is Michele Serrano. I am a professional body painter and makeup artist born and raised in New York. I work with creative communities, photographers, videographers & interactive event parties. I also have experience with theatre, film, fashion shows, and music videos.

From an early age I was intrigued by fashion, . After accomplishing my bachelors in fashion design, I still felt something was missing and naturally fell into the realm of body art and makeup. I then went on to hone my craft by studying body art and allowing my prior knowledge in design to broaden my skills and further enhance my experience in the industry.

Being highly motivated by this new found world, I created my freelance brand Grind By Michele. My brand’s incentive is to encompass the desire to never stop working for what you are passionate about.

As I continue my exploration as an artist, I find that I am extremely fortunate to encounter many diversely talented and stimulating individuals. This journey not only allows me to genuinely create art but simultaneously motivates the incentive of why I created my brand Grind; To work hard and remain inspired.

I take a lot of inspiration from my Puerto Rican heritage with it’s bright Caribbean colors and tribal patterns. I specialize in interacting with large crowds. I always have an amazing and unique outcome with guests while they experience something original and different, which is something that absolutely makes parties stand out from the rest.

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